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Stepping Stones

A partnership that excels...
Your ideas and Etched Creations'
designs and craftsmanship
  • Great as a personal touch for your home or garden
  • Outstanding as a gift
  • Special Celebrations - weddings, anniversaries, births, retirements, graduations, special achievements
  • Perfect solution for that "Impossible to buy for person"
  • Great "Thank You" and business gifts

Quality at an affordable price


plus shipping & handling
for the standard 14 to 16 inches round

Personalized at no additional charge

Realtors and Affiliates - Personalized stepping stones are a great way to thank clients and build resales and referrals.
See the Realtor Promotion Program to register for special pricing programs.

Stone Options

We recommend the Slate. It comes from California's Sierra Nevada mountains, has excellent coloration, and provides good contrast when engraved.

  • Rounds (16", 14", 10")
  • Squares (14")
  • Heart (16")
  • Irregular Shapes - Sizes vary
Flagstone (Sandstone) - upon request
  • Irregular
  • Square
  • Rectangle
Other stone types can be used
Contact us to discuss.

Note: These are natural stones, so the shapes are likely not perfect and the surfaces vary in texture and coloration.

These are the characteristics that make each stone one-of-a kind.

Stepping Stones come in many sized and shapes

Steps to creating your Personalized Stepping Stone

  1. Select a design
    These are a few of our more popular designs



    Pine Cone

    19th Hole

    For a complete list of available designs, please download our Stepping Stone Designs PDF.

  2. Decide on your personalization.
    Name, Greeting, or Short Saying

  3. Confirm size. Our Stepping Stones are made on 14" to 16" slate rounds unless otherwise noted.
    Prices may vary with other choices

  4. Confirm Coloration. The stones vary in color - most are dark gray with some areas of coloration. Let us know if you have a preference i.e. all dark gray.

  5. Leave the rest to us! We create the art work and place it to take advantage of the stone's characteristics.

Line Art Finished Engraved Stone

View and print design selections PDF

View and print order form only

We strive to make your stone meaningful. Please call us with your questions. Contact Us